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About Us

Autumn Ridge Farm, Established in 2013


Our Story


     We are Matt and Rachel Long and along with our three beautiful daughters, we are living our dream on the farm. We both grew up on family farms and wanted to raise our children the same way.  Rachel's family still milks cows to this day (small dairy farms - something that is quickly disappearing from this area). We are proud of what we do!  As anyone who farms will tell you, it can be quite difficult to financially support the farm on its own, especially when you start from scratch as we did. We both work full-time jobs off the farm.  We did not inherit our farm and it was quite the fixer-upper when we purchased it in 2013. The farm has come a long way since then and we still have big plans!  We mainly sell hay and beef and have recently expanded into hosting farm events, which is a dream come true!  We offer year round photo opportunities and will be sharing other exciting news soon.  We are so thankful to have our girls right beside us every step of the way!  They are truly a part of everything we do!  You will often see them standing behind the cameras "helping" to make the kids smile or laugh for their parents' photos. Our girls love having so many visitors and making new friends! We really appreciate the tremendous support we have received from the community. Hearing about what a nice visit you had and seeing your photos makes our day!  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Stay tuned for more details on upcoming events!

     Hope to see you soon!             



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