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Custom Beef and Pork...

You Will Taste the Difference!

We sell our pasture-raised, grain-finished beef by the quarter, half, or whole beef.

If interested, sign up here (click "join my waitlist") and we will email you all the details:


If you need a later date, we are now booking beef into 2024!

We use local, certified butcher shops and

your order is customized (you pick the cuts you want and how you want it wrapped). Your beef and pork comes vacuum sealed and ready for the freezer.

Customers are welcome to make an appointment

to visit the farm, see our setup and ask questions about the process.

Imagine not having to buy meat when you go to the store!

Not only will you save a lot of money when buying in bulk, it will taste better!

When you buy from us, you are supporting our family as well as local butcher shops.

Have any questions or ready to place an order? 

Please contact us for details!


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